About Rob.


Rob is a UK based,Yorkshire artist. Living in the East Riding near Hull with his wife and three daughters.

Always holding a raw talent to sketch, his true abilities came to the fore when his wife bought him some paints as a gift and encouraged him on.

His first oil on canvas “Beyond the System” was accepted for the highly competitive “Ferens Open” exhibition at the Ferens Art Gallery in the City of Hull. Joyous about the positive reception his work received, Rob swiftly moved onwards.

His next work “Clipper Pre-Race” caught the eye of Charlie Newham the owner of the Myton Gallery in Hulls historic old town. This artwork and his third piece “Calm Before” went into limited edition print soon after.

Rob views himself at the beginning of an exciting journey of self teaching and is exploring his take on art buoyed by the rewarding accolades his work is receiving.

Having spent his childhood in the East Riding and holidays on the West coast of Scotland he is enthralled by moody skies, nautical themes and seascapes. His childhood memories and today’s family times help create a beautiful atmosphere that inspires such memorable artwork.

All of his work bears the signature ..." Sutty ", his childhood nickname.

Yorkshire Artist - Rob Sutton also known as Sutty

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